BodyMap MiniCourse: Addiction Rescue

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Dr. Forbes discusses the BodyMap Addiction Recovery Process

BodyMap Addiction MiniCourse
Daily Guided Videos and Course work
for your Recovery process.

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BodyMap: Addiction MiniCourse

Daily Focused Lessons

Focused video lessons in all the critical arenas of your life and health to move you to truly feeling better quickly. These lessons focus on overcoming underlying obstacles such as stress, difficulties with making change, needs for support, movement/exercise, sleep, and connection.

Daily Meditations

Daily Centering Meditation to establish connection with yourself, the key foundational element for all change.

What Past Participants Say:

BodyMap Course details

In this 28-day course you will find:
  • Focused video lessons every day that guide you step-by-step through getting your body back, give you new models and tools, help get to the roots of your addictive impulses, and truly put you on the path to feeling better.
  • Integrating all the Five Foundational Elements of our health, paying  attention to the places that are derailing your healing process.  Topics include:


    • How our loss of our body connection is at the core of our sense of suffering
    • The simple, powerful Equation for Feeling Better
    • New models of Addiction, Anxiety and Depression
    • Effective tips and options on better nutrition and sleep that deeply affect how we feel every day
    • How our bodies can safely discharge and move through old pain
    • Easy-to-implement tools for Movement and Exercise
    • Safe Support:  what it is and isn’t
    • The real sources of our old patterns of distress that keep us from effective change
    • Healing shame and worry
    • And much, much more!



  • Daily meditation videos for cultivating your reconnection with your body and yourself.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you work through the entire course and are not completely satisfied that it has helped your life and been worth the investment, we will gladly refund your money!
You can work at your own pace throughout the 28 days. You can pause, work ahead, or go back and revisit meaningful lessons on a schedule that works for you. Your purchase gives you complete access to the program for 90 days.  After the 90 days, you will automatically be enrolled in the Access Program for the very low fee of $5.99/month.  The Access Program enables you to retain access to the Course for as long as you wish and revisit as often as you wish.  You may cancel your Access Program subscription at any time by simply connecting with us through


Cost of the entire 28-day program is  just $119.


Plus, for a limited time a further introductory discount!


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Only $79!