Personal Counseling

Why Personal Counseling?

I help you get to the roots of the problem in a safe, supportive environment.
I help you find your more peaceful, centered self again.
I help you move through the obstacles that have been keeping you from your joy.


I specialize in depression, anxiety, past trauma, and addiction recovery.


In addition, body-based counseling can also successfully address difficulties with
losing weight, fatigue, general stress, and attempts to make changes to your life.

With Personal Counseling, I focus on where you are now, what is blocking you from your best life, and how to move forward from here.


I have worked with thousands of clients who are where you are right now, and I have helped them reconnect to their bodies and rediscover their joy and hopefulness.


If you're ready, let's get started.

"Each session allows me to go deeper and deeper into my past without

the excruciating initial trauma.

My past is now easier to live with on a daily basis."

- Counseling Client

Why Is This Different?

Most counseling work centers on "talking".
It is based on the belief that our thoughts are determining how we feel, so if we can just "think better", then we'll feel better.
Doesn't work that way.
Thoughts are important, but our thinking brain is most often following the lead of our feeling body, not the other way around.
I talk more about it in this brief video.
 We need a body-based approach to fully heal.  Our heads just won't get us there.


Join me and let's see if we can get things better.

Working With J. David Forbes, MD, ABIHM, ABoIM

We all just want to feel better.
Think about it.
It's the goal of every day, right? How much time do you spend inside yourself wondering what to do next to "get things better"?
Once we realize this, then we can truly start tackling our betterment in a way that works.
"Feeling better" lies within us all the time. Always.  We just have to recognize all the blocks we have arrayed against it and then how to move through those blocks to finding our joy again.

Counseling Options

Some people choose to work with me on an ongoing basis with individual "a la carte" sessions.


Others want to jump into a deep dive with either a 3 or 5-session bundle (for a much lower rate per session).


**With three a la carte sessions or any of the Bundled Sessions

you receive a 20% discount off the main BodyMap Course∗∗



A la carte Sessions       $350


3-Session Bundle          $930 (a savings of $120!)


5-Session Bundle          $1450 (a savings of $300!)

Next Steps

If you're ready to get started with an a la carte session, then click HERE to be taken to the Calendar to set up your time with Dr. Forbes!


If you are interested in a multiple-session Bundle, then use our Contact form to initiate counseling.  You and Dr. Forbes will be able to set up a first session time at your convenience.