BodyMap Weight Loss Course

The most important MAP you will ever use.


The last weight loss program you will ever need.


“I intend to use this Course and material for the rest of my life.”

-RP, Course participant



  • Drop weight AND feel better in the only sustainable way – Getting Your Body Back

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Work through the Course at your own pace

  • Connect with meaningful, live support to keep you on track

  • Optimize your health and life on ALL levels – Food, Movement, Sleep/Rest, Stress, and Connection

  • Find your joy, calm and peace again. For real.



I want to show you the true keys to weight loss. 


After 30+ years of Integrative Medical Practice, including leadership at some of the highest national levels, I have learned what works and what doesn’t.


We all just want to feel better. 


Losing the weight and keeping it off - for the rest of your life – is about feeling better. Pure and simple.


BodyMap®  will get you there.



Why is this Course different?


Diets, meal plans, and workouts have very little impact on achieving your ideal body weight. Contrary to what every weight loss program is telling you, you do not have to suffer through constantly restrictive diets, weighing yourself every day, taking before and after photos, or long, grueling workouts 5-7 days each week.


Weight loss drugs don’t last.  You get a temporary fix in exchange for side effects, an emptied wallet, and the inability to stop the medication without the weight returning.



When we feel lousy, fatigued, distressed, anxious, or depressed, we want to feel better, and we too often make poor choices to achieve that end.  When we feel better, we naturally make better choices.  We hit the right target, the real feeling better.  Then, we want more of that. 


Weight loss and feeling truly better are not about finding the right diet or knowing the right choices (most of us know them already), they are about moving through the obstacles that we have inside us to making those right choices.  The parts of us that keep derailing the process.  Those places need our loving attention.  That’s how they get better.



You will receive:


1. Focused Lesson videos every day that guide you step-by-step through getting your body back and truly feeling better. It will guide you through integrating all the Big Five Elements of our health, paying  attention to the places that are derailing your healing process.  The Course will work deeply with the  underlying obstacles:  our stress, our difficulties with making change, our needs for support, our  needs for movement and healthy rest.  Topics include:

  • How our relationship to self is at the core of healthy weight loss
  • New models of anxiety and depression
  • Effective tips and options on better exercise, better sleep
  • Latest research on how nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and connectedness impact our health
  • Easy-to-implement tools for Movement and Exercise
  • Safe Support:  what it is and isn't
  • The real sources of our old patterns of distress that keep us from effective change
  • Dealing with Shame and Fear
  • And many, many more!


2. Daily Meditation Centering Videos for cultivating your reconnection with your body and yourself.


3. Live, interactive Zoom calls with Dr. Forbes 3x/month to ask questions, receive support, and further your journey.


4. Group online forum for sharing, connection, and support from others in the program. 


5. Significant discounted rate on future course offerings, anticipated to address Anxiety & Depression,

Addiction & Recovery, Fatigue, and other salient topics.


You can work at your own pace throughout the 60 days. You can take a pause, work ahead, or go back and revisit meaningful lessons on a schedule that works best for you. After the 60 days, you will retain access to the entire course. The Lessons encapsulate principles that you will want to return to over and over throughout your life. 


After the 60 days, you will automatically be enrolled in the BodyMap Access Program.  For just $12.95/month, the cost of a few cups of coffee, you will receive:


  • 40% discount on future Courses


  • Continued access to Dr. Forbes live 3x/month on Zoom calls


  • Continued access to the Group online Support Forum to maintain your health and keep you on the right track!


You may cancel your monthly Access subscription at any time by simply emailing us at


Money-back guarantee. If you work through the entire Course and are not completely satisifed that it has helped your life and been worth the investment, we will gladly refund your money!

60-Day Weight Loss Course



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